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Charity Concert with Rolando Villazon

We are very grateful that our Humor Ambassador is supporting our Czech clown colleagues with a stunning concert in Prague! Don't miss out! Get your tickets soon!

Charity Concert

RED NOSES visit senior citizens in Palestine 

What started as a pilot project in 2016, has now become a regular programme of RED NOSES Palestine: visiting elderly citizens in senior centers.

The right to laugh

The HCIM 2018 was a huge success!

The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting was the largest conference ever over the topic of „Clowns in the healthcare system“. International experts from all relevant fields shared their deep insights.

Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018

Emergency Smile in Sierra Leone

Florentine Schara, clown from RED NOSES in Germany, shares personal insights from the RNI Emergency Smile Mission in Sierra Leone, where she visited several medical facilities.

Testimony from the Field


The great vision and passion cultivated by Monica Culen, together with Giora Seeliger, to develop RED NOSES in Austria and in nine other countries, inspired the jury of the European Brand Institute.

Brand Life Award 2017

Providing Pyschosocial Support to Those Who Need it Most

Our latest Emergency Smile mission takes us to Sierra Leone, to support the crucial healthcare services that Doctors without Borders provides in the Koinadugu district. Learn more about our impact here. 

Assisting Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone

How to Create Marvelous Worlds of Movies

Turning the ordinary into something extra-ordinary. Instructors Sergi Estebanell and Alina Stockinger share their expertise in creating magical worlds full of laughter and joy for your patients. Read more of our interview here!

International School of Humour Workshop

Our Response to the Recent Hype Around Clowning

Learn more about what Stephen King has to think about clowning as well as our unique response to his recent film "IT".

Humour Instead of Horror

The Conflict in Ukraine Continues... 

and so does the psychosocial support provided by an international Emergency Smile team. RED NOSES show Ukrainian IDPs meaningful ways to cope with their difficult situation more easily. 

Emergency Smile in Ukraine 2017

180 RED NOSES Clowns Come Together to Train

From June 6th to 9th, international RED NOSES artists from ten partner countries came together to learn more about special audiences. A Guinness World Record attempt was also tried!

RED NOSES International Clowncamp 2017


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