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The cheerful sound of children’s laughter ringing out with joy and a zest for life is a sure sign of hope all over the world. However, when laughter begins to wane, it shows that life is often at risk. Detrimental to the healing process, emotional and psychological stress can be the result of a serious illness, a lengthy hospital stay or even a painful therapy - and this has to be remedied.

Equipped with an abundance of humour, characteristic pranks, jokes and tricks RED NOSES clowndoctors take on this challenging task of conquering fear and gloominess. These masters of improvisation and spontaneous play provide a different kind of therapy. Visiting each patient directly at their bedside, they support the sick and suffering with invaluable good cheer and vitality, encouraging a profound key to regaining balance and being able to cope with the situation.

The mission of the charity foundation RED NOSES International is to build up, monitor and partly finance partner organisations in Central and Eastern Europe. In doing so RED NOSES simultaneously develops and maintains high ethical and artistic quality standards in all its clown programmes.

Although we have in the meantime extended our horizons and also now visit geriatric wards and rehabilitation centres, the original and still the main focus of our work is on chronically and acutely ill children in hospitals.



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